Full Clear Bra

The full clear bra kit provides the best protection available. If you are looking for the best paint protection on the market, that covers every inch of your vehicle, look no further than the full clear bra kit. Whether you’re a daily driver, or looking to keep your collector in ideal condition, this package provides the added blemish and rock chip blocking defenses of clear bra to every square inch of your car.

The full clear bra kit protects every square inch of your vehicle. From the front bumper, bumper and headlights, front grille, entire hood, door panels, side fenders, rear bumper and luggage area our custom plotter perfectly matches your car to the custom heavy duty film. Long gone are the days where clear bra film cracks, bubbles or yellows over time as this film goes on clear and is backed by a manufacturer warranty!

We begin the clear bra process with a paint inspection, and if necessary, perform a paint correction process. The paint correction process removes up to 90% of blemishes, swirling, marring and imperfections. If the paint is in a bad condition multiple stages of paint correction might be required. After the paint correction is complete the car is ready for clear bra film. We apply the clear bra film perfectly to match your vehicle’s exact make and model to protect every inch. The clear bra film protects your paint from blemish causing contaminants and acts as a shield between your paint and contaminants including: insect acids, salt corrosion, dings, bumps, scratches and rock chips. With self-healing properties backed by a manufacturer warranty your car will have the best paint protection around. To schedule an appointment for your vehicle, please click here.

Included In Package:

  • Entire Car
  • Protection from Rock Chips, Road Salt and Dirt.
  • Self-Healing Clear Coat
full clear bra on porsche SUV

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