The Best of Show Package Covers the Details

Lucent Auto Work is the home of some of the best details for your detailing needs in the Seattle and Tacoma area. Our packages provide different levels of service to restore and rejuvenate any vehicle. Regardless of the vehicle that you choose to drive, we have a package that is perfectly suited for your exact needs and goals. The Best of Show Package is the top of the line detailing package offered at our shop. This package is a great way to preserve your vehicle’s luster while also turning heads on the road and in your neighborhood. If you’re looking for a great way to, restore your vehicle or add immediate luster to your car for a resale then this package is perfectly suited for you.

If you’re looking for the best details Lucent offers then the Best of Show Package is for you! The package begins with a degrease of the engine, engine compartment and hood jambs. Our detailers then proceed to degrease the wheels and wheel wells, door jambs and trunk jambs. We hand wash and dry the exterior and dress the tires. At this point we move into the interior vehicle. We vacuum the interior and trunk and clean the dash, center console and steering wheel. The door panels and headliners are also cleaned. Our detailers shampoo floor mats, trunk mats and all the carpet in the vehicle, including the trunk. We treat the fabric with stain protectant formula as well as the leather or cloth that coats the seats. Following the protectant formula, we dress the door and trunk jambs, remove sap, bugs and tar from the exterior and clean the interior and exterior of the windows and mirrors. At this time we break out the heavy machinery and complete a three part exterior buff and polish along with a paint sealant.   We finish this package off with a dress of the exterior trim and moldings, bumpers, grill, stainless finishes and clean the exhaust tips.

At Lucent Auto Work we strive to provide high-end car details you and your car want and need. By providing our customers with high-end packages, we ensure that our services provide lasting cleans that make your car feel like new again! Our goal is to provide both you and your vehicle a great experience. To schedule your car for an appointment, please click here.

Best of Show Package

Cars: $470 Small Truck/ SUV $530. Full Size Truck/ SUV $620.

Included In Package:

  • Degrease engine, engine compartment, and hood jambs.
  • Degrease Wheels and wheel wells.
  • Degrease door jambs and trunk jambs.
  • Hand wash and dry exterior.
  • Dress tires.
  • Vacuum interior and trunk.
  • Clean dash, center console and steering wheel.
  • Clean door panels.
  • Clean headliner.
  • Shampoo floor mats, trunk mats, seats and carpets including trunk.
  • Treat fabric and carpets with stain protectant.
  • Treat leather and or vinyl with conditioner/ protectant.
  • Dress door and trunk jambs.
  • Remove sap, bugs and tar.
  • Clean interior and exterior windows and mirrors.
  • Complete three-part exterior buff and polish.
  • Apply paint sealant.
  • Dress Exterior trim and moldings.
  • Dress bumpers, grill and stainless.
  • Clean exhaust pipe tips.
  • Dress Exterior trim and moldings.
  • Dress bumpers, grill and stainless.
  • Clean exhaust pipe tips.
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