When it comes to preservation of value, it’s all in the details. Have you fallen out of love with your vehicle? We can help! Do you feel like you get your car cleaned but it’s never just right? We promise we can solve this! Lucent Auto Work’s well trained technicians use the best tools and products available to produce detailing that satisfies and lasts for months or years not just for days.

Our passion for detailing stems from a meticulous desire to keep cars beautiful. We believe detailing is the foundation of all car care. At LAW, we treat each car as our own and make it our personal mission to deliver the best. We offer a variety of detailing packages and have something for everyone. Nothing feels better than stepping into a car that looks and smells brand new. Detailing your car regularly keeps it in prime condition and helps maintain its value. Auto detailing isn’t just a simple car wash and interior vacuum, there is a great deal of work that goes into the perfect detail. Below you’ll find a brief description of our detailing packages, please click on them for in-depth information.






à la carte

“Show” Package

This package includes: Degreasing wheels & wheel wells; hand wash & dry the exterior; dress tires; vacuum interior & trunk; clean dash, console, & steering wheel; clean door panels & headliner; remove sap, bugs & tar; clean windows inside & out; hand wax the exterior; dress exterior trim, moldings, bumpers, grille & stainless; clean exhaust pipe tips

“Show & Shine” Package

This package includes all items in the show package, add degrease door jambs; shampoo floor mats, trunk mats, seats & carpets including trunk; machine polish exterior.

“Best of Class” Package

This package includes the items in the “Show & Shine” package, add degrease engine, engine compartment, & hood jambs; 3-part exterior cut, buff, & polish.

“Best of Show” Package

This package includes the “Best of Class” package adding: treating carpets and fabric with stain protectant; treating leather & plastic with conditioner/ protectant, and application of paint sealant.