Clear Bra is without a doubt the king of paint protection. No other product provides the same protection that clear bra offers. Clear Bra, also known as paint protection film or (PPF),  can be applied to the entire vehicle or certain damage prone areas of the vehicle. Once the paint protection film is applied your car is protected from damage from rock chips, scratching, swirling, marring, tree sap, etching and more.

The  Bumper, Mirror and Headlights package provides protection to the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle. Regularly beat up by normal wear and tear, this budget friendly clear bra package protects your car where it needs it the most. Regardless of the type of car you drive, this package helps keep any make or model protected from the elements of the road. This package adds protection to the front bumper, backside of mirrors and headlights of the vehicle. These three areas are susceptible to damage from rock chips, and other contaminants, and provides top-tier protection at an entry level price point. For a free quote for your vehicle please click here.

Included In Package:

  • Paint Protection Film on Bumper
  • Paint Protection Film on Headlights
  • Added Protection from Rock Chips, Road Salt and Dirt.
clear bra applied to stylized black camaro

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