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Wash, Wax & Vac

Lucent Auto Work provides the car detailing services that recharge, revitalize and rejuvenate your vehicle. From your interior to your exterior our shop provides several packages to get your car clean again. Whether you drive a lifted truck, a four-door sedan, a roadster, or anything else, we have the car detailing services you’ve been looking for. The Wash, Wax and Vac package is perfectly suited for the individual who needs extra attention paid to the interior. This package gets your car’s interior feeling like you just rolled off the lot, and provides service to the wheels and wheel well areas.

The Wash, Wax and Vac package includes several components to get your interior cabin and wheel wells clean again. Included in the package is a degrease of the wheels and wheel wells, as well as a hand wash and dry of the exterior surface of the vehicle. Our detailers then proceed to dress the tires, wipe down the door jambs and remove the sap, bugs and tar on the exterior surface. We clean the interior and exterior of the windows and mirrors and move into the cabin of the vehicle. We finish the interior process with a thorough vacuum of the interior and trunk as well as a wipe down of the dash, center console and steering wheel.

At Lucent Auto Work we strive to provide elite car detailing services and clear bra and Ceramic Pro services to the residents of Seattle and Tacoma. We’re family owned and operated and have been in the full service reconditioning business since 1996. If you’re interested in adding a detail, or one of our other services, to your vehicle please click here to schedule an appointment via our online portal.

Wash, Wax & Vac Package

Cars: $115.95 Trucks/ SUV’s $135.95

Included In Package:

  • Degrease Wheels and wheel wells.
  • Hand wash and dry exterior.
  • Dress tires.
  • Vacuum interior and trunk.
  • Wipe down dash, center console and steering wheel.
  • Wipe down door jambs.
  • Remove sap, bugs and tar.
  • Clean interior and exterior windows and mirrors.
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