The Auto Detailing Tacoma Needs

Auto Detailing Tacoma – The Show Package is our introductory detailing package offered at Lucent Auto Work. The Show Package provides a great and thorough clean on the interior and exterior. Detailing your vehicle provides added value, protection and turns heads on the road. If you have a big date or business function coming up a detail will leave a great impression for anyone you’re looking to impress! This package is great for the individual who wants a detail at an introductory price point. With the addition of this package, your car will feel clean and look even cleaner!

We begin the Show package process off with a degreasing of the wheels and wheel wells. We then proceed to hand wash the exterior and dry the exterior surfaces. Our detail techs then dress the tires, vacuum the interior of the vehicle along with the trunk and clean the dash, center console, steering wheel and headliner. At this point our techs move back to the exterior of the vehicle and clean the door panels, dress door and trunk jambs, remove any sap residue, bug and insect acids as well as tar. After the exterior is addressed we clean the interior and exterior windows as well as the mirrors and hand wax the entire exterior surface of the vehicle. The package is finished off with a dressing of the exterior trim and moldings, bumpers, grill and stainless finishes. We even clean the exhaust pipe tips to make the finish pop! To schedule the show package for your vehicle please click here.

Show Package

Cars: $175.95, Trucks/ SUV’s $195.95

Included In Package:

  • Degrease Wheels and wheel wells.
  • Hand wash and dry exterior.
  • Dress tires.
  • Vacuum interior and trunk.
  • Clean dash, center console and steering wheel.
  • Clean door panels.
  • Clean headliner.
  • Dress door and trunk jambs.
  • Remove sap, bugs and tar.
  • Clean interior and exterior windows and mirrors.
  • Hand wax exterior.
  • Dress Exterior trim and moldings.
  • Dress bumpers, grill and stainless.
  • Clean exhaust pipe tips.
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