Hand Wash

Cars: $45. Full Size Trucks/ SUV’s $75.

  • Hand wash and dry exterior
  • Dress tires
  • Clean Wheels
  • Wipe down door jambs

“Best of Show” Package

Cars: $470, Small Truck/ SUV $530, Full-Size Truck/ SUV $620

Includes all services listed in our “Show & Shine” package plus:

  • Degrease engine, engine compartment, and hood jambs
  • Treat fabric and carpets with stain protectant
  • Treat leather and or vinyl with conditioner/ protectant
  • Complete three-part exterior buff and polish
  • Apply paint sealant

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Deluxe Exterior Detail

Cars: $215, Small Truck/ SUV $245, Large Truck/ SUV $275

  • Degrease door and trunk jambs, wheels and wheel wells
  • Hand wash and dry exterior
  • Dress tires
  • Remove sap, bugs, and tar
  • Machine polish exterior
  • Apply Paint Sealant
  • Dress all exterior plastics, trim, moldings, bumpers
  • Clean interior and exterior glass and mirrors
  • Clean exhaust pipe tips

à la carte

  • Shampoo Carpets: $89
  • Vacuum: $40
  • Interior Odor removal: $145
  • Headlight Restoration: $75
  • Dog Hair Removal: Starting at $125
  • Ceramic Pro “Rain” Windshield treatment $60
  • Window Tint: Starting at $129
  • Ceramic Pro “Kavaca” Clear Bra paint protection film 12-Year Warranty: Starting at $999
  • Water spot Removal: Quote